Historical information

Opening of Tennis Club Season at Cheltenham 1904. Among the members and visitors it is noted that Annette Kellerman a famous international film star is present.

Physical description

Photograph is black and white. There are two tennis courts in the foreground. Its is a large group photograph. It is a mix of men, woman and children. Some of the people in the photograph are holding tennis rackets, hats or tea cups. There is one known female is this photograph, in the front row, second from the left, as she is an international swimming film star -Annette Kellerman.

Inscriptions & markings

Back of photo "Mr Fairlie Taylor (Addie Fairlair) 3 Sanley Av. . Chelt. if no one at back flat, please leave under Mr Stouts side door (Same address). attachment : Cheltenham Tennis Club / Opening Day 1904 / Members and Visitors / Annette Kellerman - Swimming Film Star - Front Row 2nd from left ( not opening of Club, but opening of tennis season)