Historical information

The American Bible Union was formed in 1850 by Baptist members of the American Bible Society (ABS) who wanted the Society to produce translations that, in their view, more accurately reflected the original text. One place where they ran into conflict with other members of the ABS was over the translation of the Greek word baptize. Most English translations (including the Authorized or King James Version) simply transliterate the word rather than translate it as “immerse.” Between 1852 and 1861, they published a series of quarto edition that contained proposed revisions for most of the New Testament. A complete New Testament was published beginning in 1862 with a Second Revision published in 1865. A series of Old Testament volumes was also published between 1856 and 1884. In 1883 the American Bible Union ceased operation and turned over their activities to the American Baptists. The American Baptists continued their work and published an Improved Edition of the New Testament in about 1891 (this was published in two version – in one baptize is translated as immerse and in the other it is left as baptize.) They also published a complete Bible in 1912.

Physical description

A small Prayer Book

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Inside front page 'AMERICAN PRAYER BOOK'