Historical information

The kerosene lamp is a type of lighting device that uses kerosene as a fuel. Kerosene lamps have a wick or mantle as light source, protected by a glass chimney or globe; lamps may be used on a table, or hand-held lanterns may used for portable lighting. There are three types of kerosene lamp: traditional flat wick, central draught (tubular round wick), and mantle lamp. The screws on the side adjust the flame and hence the strength of the flame produced. Prior to the introduction of gas and electricity these lamps provided lighting in all households


Pioneers and early settlers in Moorabbin Shire relied on kerosene lamps for lighting their homes after sunset.

Physical description

This kerosene, flat wick, banquet lamp has a clear glass shade chimney with a frilled rim, a reservoir of plain yellow glass and a metal engraved base . 1 side screw to adjust the flame