Historical information

The Daylesford Fire Brigade carriage was locally built by White and Oldham, wheelwrights and carriage makers to the design of Captain Henshaw. Their premises was behind the Victoria Hotel, and American by origin.


Photograph of the first ladder carriage bought by the Daylesford Volunteer Fire Brigade, built locally, and designed by Captain Henshaw. It is an important record of purchase and some significant buildings circa 1867.

Physical description

Black and white photograph showing the first ladder carriage of the Daylesford Fire Brigade taken from Bridport Street looking towards Wombat Hill. The carriage stands in Victoria Street (now Central Springs Road) and shows the former Daylesford Post Office on the right. The building on the left was the Bank of Victoria, later the Belvedere Hotel, and in 2012 was Kookla. Other buildings include Victoria Building, Church of England (Anglican), Stanbridge Hall.The carriage shows ten canvas water buckets hanging on hooks, a long ladder and two hoses hang from hooks on the lower section of the four wheeled carriage.
The roads and footpaths are unsealed.

Inscriptions & markings

Typed verso: "Copied from on original kindly loaned by J. Ogilthorpe. Shows Daylesford Fire Brigades first Ladder Carriage outside the then Fire Station where Kindergarten now stands 1977. Date about mid 1860s.
This ladder carriage was locally built by a wheel and carriage maker with premises behind Victorian Hotel. White and Oldham. Designed by Capt. Henshaw was an American who went to the New Zealand goldfields about 1870.
Post Office was built in 1867. On Belvedre (sic) at this time a a Bank, Bank of Victoria."
Stamped: "Daylesford and District Historical Society"