Historical information

SMB Magazine Committee, 1905. Standing : Edgar J. McConnon (Mining Engineering); C. Macginnis (Hon. Treasurer); S. Hepburn (Hon. Treasurer); G. Evans (Metallurgy); William Figgis (Geology & Sports Editor); J. Grant (Electricity); G.V. Anderson (Chemistry).
Sitting L-R: H. Eklund (Metalurgy), N. Buley (Business Manager); J.R. Reid (Editor), J. Adam (Editor); P. Pratt (Sports)(Cat.No.5754)
According to the report on the Students' Annual Re-Union, 1905, (p. 13) "The annual smoke-night and presentation of prizes won at the sports took place at Craig's Hotel on May 14th. Although the attendance was not as large as on former occasions, the function passed off very successfully, under the presidency of Professor A. Mica Smith, who was supported by Mr. F. J. Martell, and several members of the staff, including Professor G. J. Dawbarn, Mr. H. R. Murphy and Mr. E. J. McConnon.
Mr. E. McConnon gave a rollicking rendition of "The Three Jolly Smiths" during the night.


E. J. A. McConnon was a sub-editor, along with W. Figgis, G. Evans, H. Eklund, V. G. Anderson, J. Grant, P. Pratt and L. Seward. J. A. Reid and J. Adam were editors of the magazine, while C. McGennis was treasurer and N. Buley the business manager. The Ballarat School of Mines Students' Magazine was published about the middle of each term. Subscriptions were two shillings per year or two shillings and threepence posted. A single copy was sixpence.

Physical description

Scan of image of the committee and officers of the "Students Magazine" Ballarat School of Mines, showing 5 men sitting and 7 men standing. All men are wearing hats.