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Tea Cosy (Lined)

From the Collection of Dutch Australian Heritage Centre Victoria 60 Rosstown Road Carnegie Victoria

Half rounded cotton padded teapot warmer (Dutch "theemuts" = tea bonnet) with inserted plywood base. White outside with grey-blue Delft tile motifs, lined with navy blue taffeta and padded with kapok. Metal carrying handle under which there is a clasp which opens and closes the cosy.
34 cm wide, 32 cm high, 18 cm across
Object Registration
teapot, dutch family life, dutch, immigration, household items
Historical information
This kind of tea cosy was found in just about every Dutch home in the 1950's. It took pride of place on the tea trolley and took the place of, or was an alternative to, the tea lights which also served to keep the teapot warm. It held a large teapot and although it was very effective in keeping the tea warm, after a couple of hours the tea became rather bitter and tasted "stewed". Since the Dutch are not in the habit of adding milk to their tea, the late afternoon cuppa was not always a favourite.
When Made
mid 20th century
A symbol of what the Dutch prize above all, namely "gezelligheid", which means homely cosiness. The afternoon tea ritual ("thee-uurtje") was a very important time of the day as children came home from school to a cosily lit home with their mother presiding over pouring out the tea and distributing biscuits (one at a time!)
Inscriptions & Markings
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