Historical information

The gavel was presented by Russell Worland (Acting Secretary Glenelg Region Water Authority) to the inaugural chairman of the Glenelg Region Water Authority 1995, Sandra Hempel. Glenelg Region Water Authority amalgamated the previous authorities of Glenelg-Wannon Water Board, Hamilton Water Board, Shire of Dundas and Shire of Mount Rouse Water and Sewerage Authorities and was constituted on 1 July 1994. Glenelg Region Water Authority was then amalgamated with South West Water and Portland Coast Water to form Wannon Water on 1 July 2005.


Presented to the first chairman of the newly constituted Glenelg Region Water Authority, a predecessor authority to Wannon Water

Physical description

Wooden turned gavel and a base carved from Konongwootong blackwood, a brass plaque with an inscription. The underneath of the base has an inscription detailing the craftsperson and origin of the wood.

Inscriptions & markings

Top of the gavel base : "The gavel : symbol of the/ Chairman's authority/ presented to the inaugural Chairman/ Sandra Hempel /17/8/1995/ Glenelg Region Water Authority"
Underneath of the gavel base : "Handcrafted by Bryan Rowe/ from Koonongwootong blackwood/ Hamilton August 1995"