Historical information

Chairman's insignia designed by Russell Worland. Russell Worland was the secretary of the Hamilton Water Authority and Hamilton Sewerage Authority and became the secretary of the Hamilton Water Board. Kevin Safe was an engineer and later became CEO of Glenelg Water.
Hamilton Water Board was constituted in October 1 1983 under the Water and Sewerage Act 1983 and amalgamated Hamilton Waterworks Trust and Hamilton Sewerage Authority. The Board was abolished on July 1 1994 under the Water Act 1989 when it amalgamated with Glenelg-Wannon Water Board, Shire of Glenelg Waterworks Trust and Shire of Mount Rouse Waterworks Trust to form Glenelg Region Water Authority


Medallion with Insignia worn at official functions.

Physical description

Round silver medallion - with raised symbol of the cornucopia with water coming out of it. The obverse is a representation of pipes. The medallion is attached to light blue and silver striped white taffeta backing ribbon
slightly dented

Inscriptions & markings

"Presented: R Worland KS Safe/ Rocca" ( around rim)
"Hamiton /Water /Board" ( Back)