Historical information

This photograph was taken of the football team representing the Young Chinese League in 1947.


This photograph is significant for its links to the Chinese Young Chinese. The Young Chinese League was formally established on 4 October 1932 to to promote free social intercourse and goodwill among its members and their mutual improvement. Membership was open to all persons, with one or both parents or grandparents born in China. Wives of Chinese members were permitted as members with the same privileges. It was a significant social organisation for Chinese-Australians in Melbourne in the mid to late twentieth century.

Physical description

Black and white photograph (vintage) with cream frame under glass. Has a cream card mount which provides details of the names the people in the photograph.

Inscriptions & markings

Front of card title top centre: 'The Young Chinese League Football Team 1947'. Front of card bottom centre: 'Back Row: A.Anguey, T.Gooey, N. Chong, G.Chong, P.Geechoun, R.Yee, H.Chin, O.Kwong, Centre Row: J. Chong, N.Quon, F.A.Chinn, D.Quon, C.Quon, D.Tyshing-F.Gooey, Front Row: L.Quon, T.Wing Young, L.Moy. C.Wing, G.Dan, A.Young, A.Kim.'