Historical information

Mortlake Waterworks Trust – 18 May 1915 to 1 July 1984
Mortlake Waterworks Trust was constituted on 18 May 1915 following application by the Shire of Mortlake to carry out works for the supply of water to the township of Mortlake. The Trust was abolished on 1 July 1984 under the Water and Sewerage Authorities (Restructuring) Act 1983 when authority was transferred to the Mortlake Water Board.


A cast iron seal press. This was used by Mortlake Waterworks Trust to emboss agreements and official documents. Die is still attached to the press. It reads: Mortlake Waterworks Trust 1915.

Physical description

Small metal machine painted black , decorated gold . Dies are attached with the seal of Mortlake Waterworks Trust . Paper is placed between the dies, the handle depressed and the seal embossed on the paper under pressure as a blind (inkless) embossing. The seal consists of two circles with the wording "Mortlake Waterworks Trust 1915".

Inscriptions & markings

Mortlake Waterworks Trust 1915