Historical information

The City of Moorabbin Historical Society was formed c 1960 by a group of Moorabbin residents who were concerned that the history of the area should be preserved. A good response to a call for items related to the historical area of Moorabbin Shire brought donations of a wide variety of artefacts which are now preserved by the current members of CMHS at Box Cottage Museum . Helen Stanley, Secretary of CMHS, began producing a Newsletter for members in April 2007 to provide current information and well researched items of historical interest


Helen Stanley has produced a bi-monthly Newsletter, 2007 - 2013, for the members of the City of Moorabbin Historical Society that contains well researched interesting historical items, notification of upcoming events, current advice from Royal Australian Historical Society , Museums Australia Victoria and activities of Local Historical Societies. The Newsletter is an important record of the activities of the CMHS

Physical description

5 x A4 paper printed on 1 side
Issue 15 of the bi-monthly, City of Moorabbin Historical Society Newsletter produced by Society member and Secretary, Mrs Helen Stanley in February 2010. Notices for the meeting February 28th , subscriptions due, and this is 50th Anniversary of CMHS.
Water flooded Joyce Park, the grounds of the Cottage and a little seeped into Grace Lewis Room in December 2009 when a water main at the neighbouring Bowling Club burst, but little damage occurred and the Glen Eira Council will install drainage pipes between Box Cottage and the Bowling Club. In January, 2 brush tailed possums had taken up residence in the Barn and after failed attempts by Helen and Dennis to move them, Glen Eira Council relocated them. A description of the establishment of Cobb & Co Coaches by Freeman Cobb in 1853, for cartage between Melbourne and the Ports but they soon began transporting people and mail to the gold fields around Victoria. 3 photocopied photographs of Cobb & Co Coaches and 1 photo of the 2 Possums

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