Historical information

This ES Ka6 sailplane (VH-GRW, serial number 55) was built under licence from Alexander Schleicher in 1962 by Edmund Schneider Limited. It was one of 12 Ka6s, with minor variations from the Schleicher product, built by Schneiders in Australia. It was test flown at Parafield Aerodrome, Adelaide, on 8th September 1962.

By way of background, the Schleicher KA 6 series of sailplanes were designed by Rudolf Kaiser in Germany. They were quite successful in the Standard Class in the late 1950s and 1960s. Over 1400 were produced.

The first owner of VH-GRW was the Victorian Motorless Flight Group which, at the time, was based at Berwick Airfield on the outskirts of Melbourne. On 22 April 1972, the ownership passed to a syndicate of members from the VMFG.

It again changed ownership in July 1974. The new owners were another syndicate based at Campbelltown in New South Wales.

The glider went to a Tasmania syndicate in June 1976 and finally to the Soaring Club of Tasmania.

In total VH-GRW recorded 3369 hours air time from 4952 launches. It was used very little after 1996.


This exhibit is an example of the Scheicher Ka6 sailplane type that were built by Edmund Schneider in Australia.

Physical description

Plywood, spruce and fabric covered high wing single seat sailplane. The airframe has been restored to the point of repainting. Currently the fuselage, rudder and the wings aft of the main spar are coated with pink dope. The tailplane retains the white gloss finish of the glider prior to the restoration work. The cockpit to be refitted (with instruments etc).

Inscriptions & markings

Serial number 55. The manufacture details are displayed on a metal plate fixed to the main bulkhead.