Historical information

A number of names written on the back of the photograph match with names in the Ballarat School of Mines Annual Report 1897 and 1898. These are: Robert Allan; (Thomas E. or William T. ) Atherton; Percy Bailey, James A. Bass; Fred F. Bradford; William Brokenshire; Joseph Bryant; Cecil Eeles; Thomas Evans; William C. Gosman; John Hill; Edward P. Johnson; Duncan W. Kennedy; James Kidd; John W. Martin; Percy Osborne; J.A. Porter; Thomas Phillipson; Frank A. Steward; Robert G. Todd; Thomas A. Uthwatt

A number of names are not matched: - Bollin, Curry, Morey, Mann. Thompson

Physical description

Black and white photograph mounted on grey card showing a number of students and instructors of the Ballarat School of mines. They are thought to be in the Ballarat School of Mines Materia Medica Garden (System Garden) for either a botany, chemistry or materia medica lesson, or as part of the Ballarat Field Naturalists group. The person at the front wearing an apron is George Porter Day.

Inscriptions & markings

A number of names are written in ink on the back of the photo " Tom Evans, Osborne, Atherton, Phillipson, Eccles, Allan, Todd, Morey, Bradford, Curry, John Marian, Char Bailey, Uthwatt, John M. Sutherland, Kennedy, Mat Thompson, Hill, Steward, Martin, Kidd, Brokenshire, Gosman, Bollin, William D. Hill, "