Historical information

In 1911 R. Maddern was President of the Ballarat School of Mines. Contents of this booklet are:
Asssociateship, Calendar, Certificate Courses, Departmental Regulations, Discipline, Discipline Board, Examination Results, Fees, Full Certificates Issued, General Regulations, Introduction, Junior Technical School, Officer Bearers, Professors and Lecturers, Subjects of Instruction - Department of Chemistry and Metallurgy, Geological Department, Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Practical, Plane and Solid Geometry, Photography, Subscriptions and Donations 1910. Plan of Buildings and Grounds

Engineers with qualifications from the Ballarat School of Mines were sought by mines throughout the world.

Physical description

Blue soft covered book of 64 pages titled the Ballarat School of Mines Calendar. The book includes images of the Engineering Room, the Maddern Roasting Furnace, Museum, Junior Chemical Laboratory, Plan of Buildings and Ground, Chemical Laboratory, Concentration Floor, Linkenbach Table, Engineering Laboratory, Experimental Steam Engine, Chemical Lecture Room, Physics Instruction Room, Newtonian Telescopy, Ballarat Observatory, Instructor's Laoratory, Wilfrey Table, Chlorination plant, Cyanide House and R. Maddern.