Historical information

An election card for Eddie Walsh, used in the Footscray Football Club committee elections of 1960. The card outlines his credentials, including his associations with the senior and junior football club and the Footscray Colts Cricket Club. The card refers to Roy Russell, the late Secretary of the Footscray Football Club. See Supplementary Information for related information on the election campaign in the Footscray Advertiser.


This item of ephemera is highly significant as only two copies of this election card are known to exist.

Physical description

A single-sided election card with blue text and image of Eddie Walsh

Inscriptions & markings

'F.F.C Elections - 1960/For Progressive Administration Vote Eddie Walsh to Committee/Life Member Footscray Football Club/Hon. Secretary Footscray 3rd 18, 1948-57/Hon. Secretary F'scray Colts F.C., 1940-48/Life-Member Footscray Colts Cricket Club/Official Registrar F.F.C. 1959/Experienced and knowledge of recruiting gained with the late F.F.C. Secretary, Roy Russell/R. S. Smith, Printer, Footscray - MW 2871.'