Historical information

This author P. Kalaitzis was founder and director of the magazine by the name "Σύγγραμμα - Επετηρίς" at the time of publication. He describes here the education situation on the island of Imbros from the 17th Century till the mid-1900s. The book is in the Greek language. It has no illustrations and its 18 pages long. - It was printed by printers D. Giannopoulos - 3 Kororoit Creek Rd., North Williamstown


Historical significance of the activity of Greeks in Victoria during the period

Physical description

Book in the Greek language, written by Panayotis Kalaitzis.

Inscriptions & markings

ΚΕΝΤΡΟΝ Ιμβριακών και Τενεδιακών Σπουδών - Περιοδικόν Συγγραμα - Επετηρίς, Ιδρυτής Διευθυντής Παναγιώτης Δ. Καλαϊτζής. Έκδοσις Β'. (Issue B), Melbourne 1972.
Blue soft cover