Historical information

“Queenscliff (three black and white boat/ship themed set), is a depiction of a trio of sailing vessels, and a typical example of Tim Ryan’s process and style / It illustrates three images from separate editions of National Geographic – a much-loved and constantly revisited source of inspiration / Tim has reduced his subject matter to minimal line, managing to capture the form and character of the scene and the people within with delicacy and sensitivity / As is also a common trait, Tim has discarded the idea of a using a title describing the actual scenes in favour of one that holds much greater personal significance / Queenscliff is the site of his family holiday home, hence a place evoking decades of memories connected with water, horizon and water-based activity and interaction.


Tim Ryan has worked within the Studio Art Program at Araluen for almost a decade / Araluen is based in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Nillumbik region), that provides accommodation and day services for adults with an intellectual disability / Creating and sharing artwork is one way Araluen participants express their thoughts, personalities and abilities. The art program allows them to develop a sense of achievement and access society as equal and valued participants / Tim puts a great deal of effort into selecting his subject and arranging his page / He immerses himself in the image, studying it thoroughly and sometimes tracing over it with his finger before commencing / He focuses on the different elements and relationships that inspire, bringing out the lines, colours and shapes most fitted for translation into the picture / Favourite references are photo-laden books and magazines covering topics as broad as nature, history, archaeology, exotic foreign lands and all forms of transport.

Physical description

Three black and white drawings of boats/ships in Queenscliff made using watercolor, ink, fine liner, pencil and acrylic on paper. All drawings are black and white in colour with one drawing rendering a boat in warm red/orange and yellow colours.

Inscriptions & markings

None shown, catalogue label on back