Historical information

The City of Moorabbin Historical Society was formed c 1960 by a group of Moorabbin area residents who were concerned that the history of the area should be preserved. A good response to a call for items related to the historical area of Moorabbin Shire brought donations of a wide variety of artefacts that are now preserved by the current members of CMHS at Box Cottage Museum. Helen Stanley, Secretary of CMHS, began producing a Newsletter for members in April 2007 to provide current information and well researched items of historical interest Helen retired in 2012 and Dr Bill Richardson, Secretary CMHS produced this Newsletter


Dr Bill Richardson, Secretary, has taken on the role of producing the bimonthly Newsletter for CMHS following the resignation of Helen Stanley. The Victorian Government Legislation has a new set of Model Rules that we have been invited to adopt and modify if we feel necessary. Our conclusion is that the new Model Rules are generally comprehensive and adequate, and are simple to understand. We recommend that the new model rules be adopted with some possible additions.

Physical description

A4 paper x 2 pages printed on one side. This is the first of the bi-monthly, City of Moorabbin Historical Society Newsletter produced by Society member and Secretary, Dr. Bill Richardson in April 2013. YouTube video of the Cottage is up and running. Type Box Cottage in search engine. City of Glen Eira properties staff inspected Cottage, found all ok and organised some photographs for the Glen Eira residents’ handbook. Dennis has installed the new display cabinets that he built for the barn for the tools that were displayed in the dairy. This was funded by CGE Community Grant . We will need to decide on the Model Rules and our purposes as required by the new Victorian Government legislation. The next general meeting is on 28th April at 1:00pm .Membership fees for 2013 are due and payable. Volunteers will be needed on Friday 26th April

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City of Moorabbin Historical Society Inc. / Reg. No. A0020547E / Box Cottage Museum/ Joyce Park, Jasper Road, Ormond / Secretary: Dr Bill Richardson / Secretary's News / April 2013