Historical information

A baby bottle is a bottle with a rubber or latex teat attached so that baby can drink directly from it by sucking on the teat. It is typically used by infants and young children ,when a mother does not breastfeed, to feed infant formula, expressed breast milk or paediatric electrolyte solution. Australian Glass Manufacturers produced glass bottles for pharmacy, brewery, dairy and domestic use 1913 – 1970 . Melbourne Glass Bottle Works Co Pty Ltd Registered in Victoria in 1903 amalgamated with the Waterloo Glass Bottle Works Ltd in 1915 to form Australian Glass Manufacturers Company, Limited. .Melbourne Glass Bottle Works Spotswood 1872- 1970 comprising a complex of buildings constructed between 1880 and 1940, (at Booker Street, Douglas Parade, 2-38 Hudson Road, Raleigh Street and Simcock Avenue, Spotswood ) originally made bottles for druggists Felton Grimwade before it was sold to the State Government by US multinational, OI glass manufacturers. . The Baby feeding bottle has graduated markings in 1- 6 ounces which shows that it was made prior to the introduction of Decimal Currency in Australia 14/2/1966.

Physical description

A clear glass feeding bottle. It is 'banana shaped' and open both ends with graduated measurements - 1-6 ounces

Inscriptions & markings