Historical information

In the earliest years of the Colac-Beech Forest-Crowes line all trains were hauled by NA-class 2-6-2 tank locomotives. From 1926, with the introduction of articulated Beyer Garrat locomotive G41, it hauled the majority of trains with the NA-class providing supplementary service as required. Late in 1945 G41 was out of action undergoing repairs at the depot in Colac so regular traffic again was handled by an NA-class for a short time before the Garratt returned. After this the line survived on pulpwood traffic long after the other narrow gauge lines had ceased regular operation until, on 30 June 1962, a dilapated G42 Garrett hauled the last train of goods wagons and vans to Beech Forest and return.

Physical description

Focus on Victoria's Narrow Gauge Beech Forest Line, Part Two. A pictorial tribute to the late Edward A. Downs, Railway Historian. John E. Thompson. Puffing Billy Preservation Society; Belgrave (Vic); November 2006. iv, 42 p.; illus; maps. Soft cover. ISBN 0 9579792 6 6