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Porcelain storage containers for "Koffie" "Thee" "Suiker" "Peper" and "Zout"

From the Collection of Dutch Australian Heritage Centre Victoria 60 Rosstown Road Carnegie Victoria

Set of 5 hexonal shaped porcelain storage containers, each with lid, for the storage and home use of (1,2) "Koffie", (3,4) "Thee", (5,6) "Suiker", (7,8) "Peper" and (9,10) "Zout".
Large containers 110x120x118mm h (incl.lid, lid dim. 80mm diam, 17mm h) and small containers 75x84x77mm h (incl.lid, lid dim. 60mm diam, 14mm h)
Object Registration
koffie thee suiker peper zout manufacturing error dutch container
Historical information
According to Dutch tradition this type of sets have normally 3 large containers (coffee, tea and sugar) and sometimes 2 small containers (salt and pepper).
During manufacturing of this set, the labels on salt (Zout) and tea (Thee) container were interchanged, crating a A-Typical set with large salt container and a small tea container. Likely ordered from Dutch East Indies and manufactured in China.
A rare example of an imperfect product surviving to create an historic record.
Inscriptions & Markings
When the glass side of the display case disintegrated and all shelves and items fell down. two lids broke. They are repaired (but the cracks are visible)
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3 Mar 2017 at 10:09AM