Historical information

Circa 1905-1933.The bandage winding machine manually wound calico bandages for patient use. A sheet of calico was torn into strips of differing widths. The length was around 8 feet or 240 cm.
The bandage was wound around the handle shaft by hand initially to get purchase. Then the handle was turned until the bandage was tightly wound. Each bandage could be reused, after it was washed, dried and rewound on the machine.


The bandage winding machine enabled a more effective use of a bandage on a patient, as the machine wound it more tightly than a hand rolled bandage thus allowing more effective bandaging.

Physical description

An open wooden frame supported by six small horizontal beams. At the top of the frame is a metal shaft and handle which holds a bandage. The frame is on a wooden stand.

Inscriptions & markings

Under the wooden stand is written: Tutorial Dept. Alfred Hospital.