Physical description

The Wangaratta Historical Society Inc. (WHS) was established in 1959 and moved into its present home in the 1970s.
Wangaratta in North East Victoria has a population of over 27 thousand people and is situated at the junction of the King and the Ovens Rivers. Agriculture has always been a big part of its history as well as education, health and manufacturing.
The museum was originally a fire station built 1895 and included living quarters for its staff.
The building is owned by the Rural City of Wangaratta who are great supporters of the WHS
The museum was bequeathed 10,000 glass negatives from the late 1800s to the 1950s these were by the Vine & Thelma studios of mostly, portraits, weddings and historical photos.
Also owned by the WHS is the Maianne Gibson crazy patchwork quilt made by a Wangaratta woman in the 1890s and now Heritage listed. This Quilt is housed in an specially controlled conditions.
The Wangaratta Historical Society Museum was accredited in 2012 under the Museums Accreditation Program.