The Wangaratta Historical Society Inc is based in the historic Fire Station in Ford Street, Wangaratta. The Society are the custodians of a significant collection of artefacts, photos, glass plate slides, letters and cemetery records from around Wangaratta and surrounds. Members of the Society volunteer their time to ensure the collections are accessible to those who wish to conduct research into Wangaratta's local history.

Our collection

Owned and managed by the Wangaratta Historical Society Inc, this collection is housed in the Wangaratta Museum, formerly the Wangaratta Fire Station. It includes a wide range of historical artefacts from the Wangaratta District: household, commercial, industrial, agricultural and military. There are also 10,000 photographs from the local area, both recent and historic, including a collection of 3000-4000 glass plate negatives by a former Wangaratta photographer, Mr. Andrew Vine, who captured the images from 1898 to 1940. Archival holdings include histories, centennial publications of small towns, schools and churches in the area, letters and cemetery records. Books and other documents on historical subjects related to Wangaratta and the district (including prints from the files of the Chronicle newspaper) are held in a research library.

Themes: Transforming and managing land and natural resources, Building towns, cities and the garden state, Building community life