Historical information

This wood is made from Red River Gum tree wood, these trees live for between 500 to 1,000 years of age. The wood in this bowl has been carbon dated in the USA to be 4,500 years old.


This bowl is significant because of the age of the wood it is made from.

Physical description

000016 Wooden Fruit Bowl
The timber this fruit bowl was made from was a red gum tree taken from the Ovens river at Tarrawingee (12 km from Wangaratta)where it had been submerged for years. It was made on a lathe by Ken Hill. The bowl warped and cracked shortly after being turned. A piece of the wood was taken to the USA by a visitor where it was carbon dated to be 4500 years old
Diameter: 22cm
Height: 6cm
Colour: Dark red brown
Photographed beside a piece of natural red gum
Tarrawingee is 12 Km North East of Wangaratta on the Great Alpine Road
Significance: 4500 year old red gum wood is rare in this area.