Historical information

Ann Louden was a resident of Tawonga and attended the Higher Elementary School in Mount Beauty according to the inscriptions on the cover and first page. It was the third book, in a set of four, of a course in reading, observing, speaking and writing.


A typical text book of the time as used by students, and in the case of this particular book used by a local girl, to promote comprehension and appreciation of spoken and written composition.

Physical description

A soft covered, grey blue in colour, book of 106 pages.

Inscriptions & markings

On the cover, at the top, is the name of the author, A.M. Robb and Book Three. The title is 'The Way to English' and at the centre bottom is the publishers name "Longmans". There is an inscription in ink - Ann Dorothy Louden, Tawonga, via Bright, Victoria, Australia. On the first page, written in ink, is 'Ann Louden, Form 1, Mt. Beauty. Vict Aust.'