Historical information

"ARARAT WAR MEMORIAL.- Remarkable simplicity and beauty are combined in the Ararat war memorial, which will be unveiled by Senator H.E. Elliott to-morrow. The monument is a simple rectangular stone mass, 12ft in length, 6ft in width, and 18ft m height, standing on a bluestone platform of three steps in the centre of a formal garden Surrounding the memorial is a bronze frieze, conceived from the classic frieze of the Parthenon in Athens depicting incidents in Australian engagements overseas. The frieze took the sculptor (Mr Wallace Anderson) two years to complete. The memorial was designed and supervised by Mr A.S. Hall. Photographs of the memorial are included in the collection at the architectural exhibition it the Town Hall." (The Argus, Friday 8 August 1930)

Physical description

A number of colour photographs showing details from the Ararat War Memorial.