Historical information

This is a copy of the document brought by Henry Dendy to the Colony in 1841.
In 1840 Henry Dendy, a farmer in Surrey, England acquired a "Special Survey" from the Commissioners for Land and Emigration which gave Dendy the right to choose land in Port Phillip for the "bargain basement" price of only £1 per acre for 5120 acres, (an area of 8 square miles). The Special Survey also included the right to "the shipment of a worker for every £20 spent on land, whose free passage was paid by the Crown, equalling a total of 100 workers ". Accordingly Dendy sold his English holdings and paid the required £5120 and arrived in Melbourne in February 1841. However by this time land in the new colony was selling for £5 - £40 per acre. Because Henry Dendy possessed the order from the Colonial Office in London he was able to successfully oppose Super-intendant LaTrobe's attempts to alter the price of the land. Dendy appointed Jonathan Were, (an entrepreneur, who had arrived in 1839), as his Manager and who later became a partner. Together, Dendy and Were decided on an area 5 miles south from Melbourne, bounded by North Road, East Boundary Road, South Road and to the west by Port Phillip Bay. Were and Dendy pitched their tents in the area now known as ' Park St, Brighton' and sank a well near the corner of 'St Andrew's St and Wells St'. By 1845 J.B Were and Company had bought almost half of Dendy's land and Were built himself "Moorabbin House" in Were St Brighton made from stone, quarried from local cliffs. It was still standing in 1924. Legend records Moorabbin is named after the Aboriginal word for ' Mother's Milk ' The soil is very fertile and well supplied with water especially in the area called 'East Brighton' - now known as Bentleigh and East Bentleigh - By 1850 the area had developed with numerous market gardens, dairy farms, fruit gardens and vineyards supplying food for the growing population of Melbourne.

Physical description

A copy of a paper chart of the Pedigree of Henry Dendy in a wooden frame with glass

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Pedigree / of the branch of the family / DENDY