Historical information

The University of Ballarat was granted a Coat of Arms from the College of Arms in London. The grant has five parts: the Shield, the Crest, the Supporters, the Motto and the Badge.

The origin of the University Arms us based on the history of the University and its antecedents. The earlier institutions include the School of Mines and Industries, the Ballarat Teachers' College and its successor, the State College of Victoria at Ballarat.


A Coat of Arms signifies the heraldic achievements of an individual or community. The University of Ballarat's Coat of Arms symbolises the golden past of the City of Ballarat and the former institutions, the School of Mines and Industries Ballarat Ltd and the Ballarat Teachers' College, which came together to form the University. At the same time, the motto 'dare to be different', presents a challenge to everyone in both the University and the region to strive for new ways of achieving.

Physical description

Colour photographs of the University of Ballarat Coat of Arms.