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This list shows the names of the Pioneer settlers with the amount of Acres, the date purchased from The Crown and the Lot or Portion Number in the Land of the Henry Dendy Special Survey of Brighton 1841, in the County of Bourke , Victoria.
The Squatters ,who arrived in the area first, used the land for grazing sheep and cattle. The Squatters had the right to graze unoccupied Crown land for ₤10 per year rental and a per capita payment for animals grazed. They could develop , improve and clear the land for the purpose of the tenancy but ownership was not permitted.
When the land became useful The Crown put it on the market and the developers took over whilst the Squatters lost the improved land, dwellings and out buildings, there being no compensation paid.
Squatters named John and Thomas Martin 1840-41; Richard and John King 1840- 1854 ; M.N.M.Moysey and M.J.Bickford 1841-1852 ; James McMahon 1846-1853 ; Daniel MacKinnon 1839- 1840.

The 5120 Acres of the Henry Dendy Special Survey 1841were divided into approx. 83 Portions / Lots with varying acreage . Josiah Holloway, a speculator purchased 625 acres of the King Brothers run and re-sectioned the land into 2 acre Lots for Sale as market gardens. It was called The Two Acre Village later known as Cheltenham.

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A List of the names of The Pioneers in County of Burke Victoria c1841-1887 compiled by Lesley A. Schumer in 1985
A 3 Laminated display on wall in room 2

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Signed L.A. Schumer