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Nurse Annie Rentle medal - Nurse Annie Rentle medal

From the Collection of Alfred Hospital Nurses League-Nursing Archives Old Monash Medical School Building, Ground Floor Alfred Hospital 55 Commercial Road melbourne Victoria

This small round medal has been inscribed with the name of nurse Annie Rentle to whom it was awarded.
20mm x 20 mm
Object Registration
alfred hospital, hero, medal
Historical information
This medal was presented to nurse Rentle in appreciation and recognition of the extraordinary effort she achieved by her courage to rescue patients during a fire which destroyed Wards 4 and 6 at the Alfred Hospital on Boxing Day in 1888. All patients survived. Nurse Annie Rentle graduated in 1890
When Made
This medal is significant as it is evidence of the appreciation by the hospital by the heroic efforts of the student nurse to ensure the safety of patients during this fire.
Inscriptions & Markings
Front of medal has a Maltese Cross with 'Alfred Hospital' underneath. Latin wording around the cross. "Ubi Non Esti Mulier Ibi Ingemiscit Aeger" Meaning: 'Where there is not a women, there the sick man groaneth '. The obverse reads: 'Presented to Nurse Rentle for assistance rendered at fire Dec. 26th 1888.' Unfortunately, her name on the medal reads as ' Renile.'
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