Historical information

This medal was presented to student nurse Annie Rentle in recognition of her efforts during the fire that destroyed Wards 4 and 6 on Boxing Day 1888. Patients had to be rescued after the main staircase collapsed. All the patients survived and the nurses remained calm and in control throughout the emergency. Annie Rentle graduated in 1890


This unique medal is evidence of the appreciation of the hospital of what must have been extraordinary efforts on the part of the student nurse to ensure the safety of patients during this fire.

Physical description


Inscriptions & markings

Front of medal has a pattee cross with 'Alfred Hospital' underneath. The hospital's Latin motto around the cross. "Ubi Non Est Mulier Ibi Ingemiscit Aeger" Meaning: 'Where woman is not, there the sick man groaneth'. The obverse reads: 'Presented to Nurse Rentle for assistance rendered at fire Dec. 26th 1888.'