Historical information

Rolling papers are small sheets, rolls, or leaves of paper which are sold for rolling cigarettes either by hand or with a rolling machine. When rolling a cigarette, one fills the rolling paper with tobacco. Rolling papers are most commonly made with wood pulp, hemp, flax, or rice straw as a base material.

1860 Samuel Ramsden, a Yorkshire man, founded first paper mill in Victoria on the banks of the Yarra River, Fairfield, Melbourne. This was the Australian Paper and Pulp Company which for most of its history was called The Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd. until it changed its name in 1986 to Amcor. In 1919 the company opened its mill on the corner of Upper Heidelberg Road and The Chandler Highway in Fairfield and remains there today.

Physical description

A packet of pre-cut cigarette papers 'Eagle ' brand

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