Historical information

This meat mincer was born in a period where hand operated mincing and blending machines were only available for household mincing meats and blending ingredients up to the 1960's. Electrical kitchen based whitegoods were rare in areas where the connection to electricity was intermittent or not at all.


This kitchen aid is a very significant item in the Kiewa Valley before suitable electrically operated mincers became available and constant reliable electrical connections were installed. The Kiewa Hydro Electricity Scheme provide the stable supply of electricity which made most of the hand operated mincing machines obsolete. However large mincers for bulk supplies were still required eg. kitchens for SEC workers during the 50's and 60's.

Physical description

This heavy industrial type meat mincer(cast iron) has a top "rounded feeder cup" with a mincer screw blade at the bottom. A winder handle rotates the screw like mechanism to mince and express solid pieces of meat at the other end. There is a clamp below the main structure which permits the fastening of the hand driven mincer to a table or solid ledge. The hand grip of the handle is made from wood and fashioned like a clothes peg.

Inscriptions & markings

On the rounded feeder bowl "MAJOR" and on the winder handle "A POPE PRODUCT"