Historical information

Henry Sutton was an Australian born, self-taught inventor. He invented 23 different types of telephone, a proto-type helicopter, the world's first portable wireless radio, a colour-printing process and a carbon-filament light built just 16 days after Edison.

Sutton built and drove the first motor car in Australia and conceived and built what is thought to be the world's first four-wheel drive.

Anne Beggs Sunter is an historian who lectures in Australian History and Heritage at the University of Ballarat

Physical description

Three page article on Henry Sutton from Australian Heritage Nov 05 (http://www.heritageaustralia.com.au/pdfs/Heritage1105_Henry%20Sutton.pdf)

The article includes a picture of the Sutton Autocar, the Telephane System, Illuminated Address present to Henry Sutton by the Citizens of Ballarat and his grave in the Brighton Cemetery.