Physical description

Medicine bottle, glass originally with glass stopper (stopper missing), now with cork stopper. Bottle made by "W T and Co USA Pat Jan 5 1892" (on the bottom) used by "R F Kennedy, Chemist, Warrnambool" (onside with Lighthouse). Used by unknown person to store and preserve lead shot in oil.

Inscriptions & markings

"W T & CO / 2 / U.S.A. / PAT JAN 5, 1892" impressed into glass on bottom of bottle.
"R F KENNEDY / CHEMIST / WARRNAMBOOL" impressed on front of bottle.
Impressed on the left side of the Chemist details, the height of the total lettering is an Image within a circle, showing a lighthouse with the sea in the background. On the sea are two ships, one either side of the lighthouse.