Located on Gunditjmara land, Flagstaff Hill is situated on over 10 acres in Warrnambool Victoria, Australia. The museum is one of the largest open-air heritage villages in Australia. It opened in stages from 1975 and was officially opened in 1977, and is managed by the Warrnambool City Council (WCC). Today, Flagstaff Hill is home to one of Australia’s richest maritime collection of almost 10,000 objects, which are of local, state, and national significance, and all have a tale to tell. Through this collection, a vibrant and stimulating life-long learning public program celebrates the rich maritime history and culture of Warrnambool, the 'Shipwreck Coast', the state of Victoria, and further afield by exploring and studying the stories and material culture of the people and events which have shaped history.

Our collection

The present Collection of over 10, 000 objects is of a wide range of objects and materials including:

• paper items such as original letters, maps, paintings, photographs, and books,

• fabric items including original clothing

• domestic items such as furniture,

• professional items such as medical equipment, timekeeping, and navigation equipment

• artisan equipment such as that used by the ship-smith or boat builder

• ship models

• artefact examples of shipboard life from items used by crews and passengers

• artefact examples of ship equipment ranging from ships’ anchors to sextants

• artefact examples of ships’ cargoes, ranging from lead ingots to bottles of champagne

* To view a specific object for research purposes, please contact Flagstaff Hill to book an appointment with the Museum Curator.

* Flagstaff Hill is not valuation service and will not provide values for your items.

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