Historical information

This is a reference written on 14th October, 1942, by the Head of the Art Department at the School of Mines and Industries Bendigo, Ernest H. Duncan, for a former pupil, Miss Ivy Jack. It is a complimentary reference assuring 'To Whom it May Concern' that Miss Jack 'is a fine type of girl possessing many fine qualities...' and that she has '...proved herself an energetic, careful and reliable student with ability in Dressmaking above the average.'


This is significant in relation to the history of the Bendigo School of Mines and Industries. It gives an insight into the type of courses being offered by the school in 1942, as well as an insight into how references for individuals were written in the 1940's, as opposed to the way they are written in 2013. This significance has been assessed in-house.

Physical description

White paper photocopy of reference from Ernest H. Duncan, Head of Art Department of the School of Mines and Industries, Bendigo to Miss Ivy Jack, dated 14th October 1942.

Inscriptions & markings

On School of Mines and Industries, Bendigo letterhead: "School of Mines and Industries, / No. 161 / Bendigo 14th October 1942. / TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: / Miss Ivy Jack has attended the above school / for the past two years,... /" Signed, "Ernest H. Duncan / Head of Art / Department."