Historical information

An invitation sent to J. R. V. Anderson by the Mayor of Bendigo, Cr. J. E. Holland, in 1921 to attend a luncheon to celebrate the opening of the Soldier's Memorial Hall at the Bendigo Town Hall on Tuesday,15th November, 1921 at 1 pm. This Soldiers' Memorial Hall still stands today in Pall Mall, Bendigo. It is now called the Bendigo RSL Memorial Military Museum.


Celebrates the opening of the Soldier's Memorial Hall in Bendigo, as well as indicating the importance of J. R. V. Anderson in the Bendigo community at that time. This significance has been assessed in-house.

Physical description

Personal invitation to Mr. J. R. V. Anderson from the Mayor of Bendigo (Cr. J. E. Holland) to attend a luncheon to celebrate the official opening of the Soldiers' Memorial Hall, Bendigo on the 15th November 1921.
Rectangular card in blue print, with the person's name handwritten in black ink.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscribed on card bearing City of Bendigo emblem is the following: "On the occasion of the Opening of the Soldiers' Memorial Hall / by / His Excellency, The Governor of Victoria, The Earl of Stradbroke, / K.C.M.G., C.B,, C.V.O., C.B.E., A.D.C. to His Majesty the King, / The Mayor of Bendigo, (Cr. J. E. Holland,) / requests the pleasure of / Mr. J. R. V. Anderson's / company at Luncheon at the Town Hall, Bendigo, on Tuesday, / the 15th November, 1921, at 1 p.m. / R.S.V.P. TO TOWN CLERK BEFORE INST." (Last line crossed out in black ink).