Historical information

This milli-volt meter was manufactured after 1950 and used by the SEC Vic (Kiewa Hydro Electricity Scheme) from that date until late 1900's. It was used to measure very small voltages associated with the operation of the various Hydro Generators. The readings were able to be shown by the resistor in use in the current circuit. During this time period, high quality testing instruments were either sourced from Europe or England.


This milli-volt meter is very significant to the Kiewa Valley as it was used by those electrical technicians, who were part of the Kiewa Hydro Scheme. An "off spin" from the Scheme was the beginning of an explosion in "human" resources into the Kiewa Valley. This influx of population transformed the region from that of a basically quiet rural region to one which evolved into both industrial and larger residential community. This evolution in the Kiewa Valley created a change, not only in the "physical" landscape(better roads and infrastructure), but also the socio-economic growth within the Valley allowing other "tourist" based industries to expand within the valley and Alpine areas.

Physical description

This millivolts DC meter was used in the 1950's. It is contained in a wooden box and has two coloured (red/black, positive and negative) screw tight knobs which have bake-lite connections. It also has a covered (black tin) view meter marked from zero to 10 millivolts. Underneath this and within a round bake-lite is a small adjustment screw. The top of the box is fastened onto the main structure by six brass screws. The back of the structure is fastened by eight brass screws and there are four small bake-lite rest knobs.

Inscriptions & markings

On the face of the millivolt compartment , and at the top "TO BE USED WITH DIAL HORIZONTAL TEMP. COEF. +- .08 % PER oC. Underneath the scale "MILLIVOLTS D.C. F.G." (LEAD RESIS. .05 OHMS)" underneath and to the left "MADE IN ENGLAND BY" "EVERSHED & VIGNOLES Ltd" and to the right "No. 857842" underneath Regd. TRADE MARK MEGGER