Historical information

This men's grooming set of personal care equipment and toiletries is an example of items packaged in attractive cases and sold as gifts in Australian chemist outlets and department stores in the 1920s to 1940s. This set was originally packaged in a leather-covered, lined and fitted case, with a comb, hair brush, and razor included as well. as the items shown here.

The razor, once included with the set, had the inscription "T.R. Cadman and Sons, Sheffield England". The family business began with Luke Cadman in 1748. Thomas Radley Cadmen (1833 - 1917) took over the business in 1871, by which time it was operating in Sheffield. The business became incorporated as T.R. Cadman & Sons in 1924 but shortly afterwards the straight razors manufactured by them were stamped T.R. Cadman & Sons Ltd. The company specialised in pocket knives and razors from 1933 and supplied the British Royal Navy with razors in WWII. Over 80 per cent of sales were for the overseas market including Australia. Some of their razors were sold in stores in Victoria. The business traded in 1965.

This grooming set was donated for exhibit in Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Village's exhibit of the vessel 'Reginald M', a two-masted coastal trading ketch built in Port Adelaide in 1922.


These items are examples of personal objects sold in Victoria in the 1920s as gifts for men, cased or packaged for special occasions and sold in retail stores.
The items are associated with the historic coastal trading ketch 'Reginald M', listed on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels; and active from 1922 until 1975.
The items were displayed in the Master's Quarters of the Reginald M exhibit at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Village until 2016 when the ship was decommissioned from Flagstaff Hill's fleet.

Physical description

Men's grooming set; metal soap container with star decoration, oval soap cake, oval hand mirror in a black frame ten-sided clear glass cologne bottle with silver metal lid, yellow bristle clothes brush with brown wooden hand grip, yellow bristle shaving brush with black base and white body, and two button hooks with white handles; the larger one has floral motifs. Inscriptions were on the razor originally included in the grooming set.

Inscriptions & markings

Soap container once had star motifs.