Historical information

T. & C. Clark & Company Limited was based at Shakespeare Foundry in Wolverhampton England and was founded in 1795 by Thomas and Charles Clark. The company grew to be one of the largest iron foundries in Wolverhampton and were pioneering in the manufacture of enamelled cast iron cookware and sanitary wares. The company's product range included thousands of items, both domestic and industrial. T. & C. Clark were pioneers in the use of enamelled cast ironware, after taking out a patent in 1839 guaranteeing their products to be free of lead or arsenic. The company became the largest employer in Wolverhampton employing between 600 to 700 people.


The items are significant as they were used as domestic kitchen items to cook food safely without the concern that the metal may contain lead or arsenic as earlier cooking utensils had. This is due to the enamel lining pioneered by TC Clark

Physical description

Pot set; set of three pots. Iron pots, enamelled on the inside with a pouring lip and capacity label on each pot.

Inscriptions & markings

Pot set a capacity label on each pot. Three pots in set labelled 17 qts and 14 qts on base and flat spot opposite lip - handle for pouring. 12 qts is missing