Historical information

This pair of altar lights is from the St. Nicholas Seamen’s Church, 139 Nelson Place, Williamstown, Victoria, and was used during religious services there. The Church was operated by the Mission to Seamen organisation. The par of candlestick holders was originally donated by Mrs. M. Jackson, as part of the furnishings for the new St Nicholas Seamen's Church in Williamstown, opened in 1944. The candlestick holders were made by T. Gaunt & Co. of Melbourne, a manufacturer, importer and retailer of a wide variety of goods including jewellery, clocks and watches, navigational and measuring instruments, dinnerware, glassware and ornaments.


These candlestick holders are significant historically for their origin in the St Nicholas Mission to Seamen's Church in Williamstown, established in 1857 to cater for the physical, social, and spiritual needs of seafarers. It originated in Bristol, England when a Seamen's Mission was formed in 1837. The connection of the candlestick holders to the Mission to Seamen highlights the strong community awareness of the life of people at sea, their dangers and hardships, and their need for physical, financial, spiritual and moral support.

Physical description

Candlestick holder, polished brass, pair of two. The wax cup has a scalloped lip, the centre of the stem has a bulbous section, the base has a floral design depicting leaves and grapes. Inscribed. Made by T. Gaunt & Co. This pair of Altar Lights is in our St Nicholas Seamen's Church Collection.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscribed "T. Gaunt & Co."