Historical information

First State Watch Factory:

This factory was founded in 1930 under orders from Joseph Stalin, the "First State Watch Factory" was the first large-scale Soviet watch and mechanical movement manufacturer in the USSR. Via its USA-based trading company (Amtorg), the Soviet government bought the defunct Ansonia Clock Company of Brooklyn, New York in 1929, and the "Dueber-Hampden Watch Company of Canton", based in Ohio. The soviets moved twenty-eight freight cars full of machinery and parts from the USA to Moscow in order to establish the factory. Twenty-one former "Dueber-Hampden" watchmakers, engravers and various other technicians helped to train the Russian workers in the art of watchmaking as part of the Soviet's first five-year plan. The movements of very-early products were still stamped "Dueber-Hampden, Canton, Ohio, USA" (examples of these watches are very collectible today). In 1935 the factory was named after the murdered Soviet official Sergei Kirov.

During the second world war, as the Germans closed in on Moscow in 1941, the factory was hurriedly evacuated to (Zlatoust USSR). By 1943 the Germans were in retreat, and the factory was moved back to Moscow, adopting the "First Moscow Watch Factory" name.

In 1947 the first wristwatches under the brand name "Pobeda" and the first Marine Chronometers and Deck watches were produced. By 1951 the production of wristwatches had increased to 1.1 million. In 1975 new machinery and equipment for manufacturing complex watches were imported from Switzerland. The first chronograph called "Okean" (3133) was produced for the space station "Soyuz-23."


The Chronometer is of recent manufacture and an excellent example of the type of instrument used to navigate the seas in the 19th century. It is of good quality and of a type regarded as very accurate and well made. The maker, First Watch Factory, has a dept that is still producing the "8916" standard Chronometer for horologists and collectors.

Physical description

Marine chronometer of Russian make in wooden case, metal handles on sides, inscription on a metal plaque on the front of the case. Polished square wooden outer case with green felt lining and, a leather carrying strap and buckle. Outer case is hinged and has a metal latch on the front. Outer case has a red velvet covering with a button and loop closure.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscription on box are in Russian & translate as follows:

ГОСТ, 8916-77 = Gost
ЛОЛ ЕТ, on dial face = LOL ET