Historical information

The Osburne Group was was three people, headed by Warrnambool Lawyer Dan Madden, who in the 1980’s republished a few local historical books.

Collingridge’s (1847-1929) book ‘The Discovery of Australia’ was a work which supported the ‘legend’ of a Portuguese voyage of exploration, which led to the loss of one of its ships in 1522, believed to be the Mahogany Ship, on the coast south of Tower Hill. Hence European charting of the east coast of Australia centuries before Captain Cook, which the British historians viewed almost as heresy.

TheOsburne Group acquired copies of Collingridge from the publisher, and saw that they were made available as a historical record supporting the research of Ken McIntyre, who in 1981 published separately a book called ‘The Secret Discovery of Australia’.

The first book by the Osburne Group was republished in facsimile. It was the ‘History of Warrnambool’, collated and printed by Richard Osburne in 1887 after he had sold his newspaper the Warrnambool Examiner to Fairfax, which took up the name of Warrnambool Standard. Hence the name Osburne. Other books reproduced in facsimile form include ‘By These We Flourish’ by C.E.Sayers, and ‘Warrnambool Past and Present by Edward Vidler.

Physical description

The Discovery of Australia
Author: George Collongridge
Publisher: Kayes Brothers
Date 1895

Inscriptions & markings

Has a sticker on front loose end page stating " Presented to
Flagstaff Hill by Osburne Group"