Historical information

The etching depicts the Historic Precinct of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Village. It includes the building that were transferred from Middle Island to Flagstaff Hill in the early 1870s; Lighthouse, Keepers' Quarters, Chart Room.


Depiction of historic buildings at Flagstaff Hill, Warrnambool, part o f the History of Warrnambool. The artist is a local citizen.

Physical description

Etching of Flagstaff Hill Lighthouse complex - artist Eric Tonkin. Picture shows the Chartroom, Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters, Assistant's Quarters, Privy and Flagstaff. Framed behind glass, black and gilded frame. Sticker and inscriptions on the back.

Inscriptions & markings

"Rec No 389A" "FLAGSTAFF HILL" Etching by Eric Tonkin, 34 Howard St, Warrnambool, Ph 62 4707"