Historical information

“On the 8th April 1934, at her residence in Bedford, England, Eveline Victoria Townshend, widow of the late Thomas Achilles Townshend, C.E. of County Cork, Ireland, died in her 74th year. Mrs Townshend was the Eva Carmichael who, with the late Tom Pearce, were the only two survivors of the ship Loch Ard, which was wrecked near Port Campbell, on 1st June, 1878.”
Captain Gibbs was master of the Loch Ard, an iron clipper of 1623 tons, which was wrecked on Mutton Bird Island, one mile east of Sherbrook River. The two survivors, Carmichael, a passenger and Pearce, a member of the crew, were washed through the mouth of the gorge, which now bears the name of the ill-fated ship. The impact of the ship was so violent that the deck was torn clean off the hull, which now lies in 70 fathoms of water. (edited version of same article)


The LOCH ARD shipwreck is of State significance – Victorian Heritage Register S417

Physical description

A newspaper cutting from the Warrnambool Standard in1934. It contains the obituary notice of Eva Carmichael (Townshend), the only female survivor of the LOCH ARD shipwreck in 1878. She died on 8 April 1934, a widow in England, aged 74 years. This original newspaper cutting has yellowed and creased with age. A complete transcript of the article is attached here as a Hard Copy Supplementary File.