Historical information

This first progress report dealing with classification and administration of Victoria's outer ports, regulation of transportation systems and outward wharfage rates etc., together with appendices, was presented "To His Excellency Colonel the Right Honorable George Edward John Mowbray, Earl of Stradbroke ... Governor of the State of Victoria", to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's Command in 1925. TRANSCRIPTION of front cover = = = = = = = = 1925. VICTORIA. ROYAL COMMISSION ON VICTORIAN OUTER PORTS. FIRST PROGRESS REPORT, DEALING WITH CLASSIFICATION AND ADMINISTRATION OF OUTER PORTS, REGULATION OF TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS AND OUTWARD WHARFAGE RATES, ETC.; TOGETHER WITH APPENDICES. PRESENTED TO BOTH HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT BY EXCELLENCY’S COMMAND. Approximate Cost of Report. – Preparation not given. Printing ( copies) £ By Authority: H. J. GREEN, GOVERNMENT PRINTER, MELBOURNE = = = = = = = =


This document represents the process of the Parliament of Victoria to examine matters of importance to the people and situations in Victoria. In particular this document is the beginning of the examination of the situation with the transportation and cost of freight in outer ports of Victoria. The results of the Royal Commission could have a major impact on those ports and the services that are offered.

Physical description

First Progress Report, Parliament of Victoria, - Royal Commission on Victorian Outer Ports, 1925. Printed and published for the Government of Victoria by H.J. Green, Government Printer, Melbourne.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten on top left corner “With Compts. [signature]”