Historical information

The ship HMAS Cerberus was Built at Jarrow, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, in 1870, specifically for the colony of Victoria (Australia) and originally named HMVS Cerberus. It had a displacement of 3480 tons and could travel at the speed of 10 knots. The ship carried 4x 10 inch M.L.R. guns. The ship was renamed HMAS Cerberus in 1911 when the navy became the Royal Australian Navy.

The photograph was mounted by members of HMAS Cerberus at Crib Point, Western Port Bay, Victoria in 1986. It was presented to Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village by the HMAS Cerberus Museum in 1986 to commemorate the ship's 75 years of service for the Royal Australian Navy.


The photograph is significant for its connection with the colony of Victoria before Federation.
It is also significant for its connection with the Royal Australian Navy and its service and training of Australian defence forces.

Physical description

Photograph behind glass, in timber frame. Black and white photograph of vessel HMAS Cerberus anchored , with city in the background. Frame is painted white. Photograph was taken to commemorate 75 years of the ship's service in the Royal Australian Navy. It was framed and presented to Flagstaff Hill by the HMAS Cerberus Museum on 19 March 1986. Details are hand written below the photograph.

Inscriptions & markings

Original script writing in centre "H.M.A.S. Cerberus. 4-10 M.L.R. Guns / Built at Jarrow 1870 / Displ 3480 tons. Speed 10 knots.
More recent text "75 years / 1986" "Presented by / HMAS Cerberus / Museum/ 19 March 1986"