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From the Collection of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village 89 Merri Street Warrnambool Victoria

Three fold brass hand held telescope, folding.
L 17.5 cm when folded
Object Registration
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Historical information
A telescope is an optical instrument used to bring the make distant objects appear nearer and larger. This folding telescope does the job well and is portable enough to fit into a sailor’s pocket.

Crew members on ships in port could use a hand held telescopes similar to this one to observe the Time Ball as it was dropped from the top of a tower at a predetermined time. The ship's chronometer (marine clock) would then be set to this exact time. The focus can be adjusted by shortening or lengthening the folds of the telescope, twisting, pulling or pushing it to the optimum position.

While at sea the chronometer and the sextant would be used daily for navigation purposes to determine the ship’s location.
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