Historical information

These oak and rattan arm chairs were previously used in the old Warrnambool Museum and Art Gallery, opened on 29th July 1886 with Mr Joseph Archibald as Curator, demolished in 1960.


Chairs are significant to local history as they were originally purchased for use in the Warrnambool Museum and Art Gallery. The chairs were part of the social and cultural history of Warrnambool

Physical description

Chair, oak wood arm chair (set of 9), cureved back with decorated wooden edges, shield carved into top and protective metal plates on top at rear. Padded leather seat studded at edge, over rattan cane seat. Rattan cane is stitched onto wooden frame through drilled holes. Front and side legs each have two spindles between them. back legs have one. Legs are turned and slightly cambriol. Some chairs have written on back leg "1486". Made in England, c. 1896

Inscriptions & markings

Some of the chairs have hand written black pen on back leg "1486"